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Antiquate Hate EP

by The Quarantined

Recorded at Ultimate Studios Inc, Panorama City, CA
Executive Producer:Sean Martin
Producer: Charlie Waymire, Brian "Hacksaw" Williams, Kaspars Lucey-Grinbergs, Alex Diaz
Assistant Audio Engineer: Federico Angel
Music and lyrics by Sean Martin
Mastering by Ernesto Homeyer

The Quarantined:
Sean Martin -- Vocals/Guitar
Kaspars Grinbergs -- Drums
Alex Diaz-- Bass

Background Vocals: Hacksaw, Carrie Lestor
2nd Guitar on all tracks but "Feeding you Lies" -- Edi Roque

Logo designed by Fedor Morozoff
Album art by Jad Dovey
  1. 1 The End?! 03:41 Info Buy
  2. 2 Sex and No Regrets 05:10 Info Buy
  3. 3 Feeding you Lies 04:43 Info Buy
  4. 4 Drink to Forget 04:53 Info Buy
  5. 5 Anti- Evangelist 06:01 Info Buy

The Quarantined is a punk/post-grunge band made up of Sean Martin (Vocals/guitar), Alex Diaz (bass) and Kaspars Lucey-Grinbergs (Drums). Centered in Los Angeles, the band creates a wide variety of content. Welcome to the center of it all, to celebrate the accomplishments and share in the rise of the next generation of rebellious music.

We've released a new album, Antiquate Hate, is available streaming and for purchase.

Sean has released a new 8-part blog series, Music in the Digital Era, about one musicians journey into the music industry, and how he discovers himself in world that's pre-recorded. The Quarantined is releasing more Music videos, click our YouTube tabs.

The Quarantined has been nominated in the Independent Music Awards!
We're nominated for our Lyric Video for "The End?!", and as the Fan Favorite. Click Here to support us.

"The sound could cause quite the scare in those who are afraid to give music with some bite a real chance." -- Coming up Mag”

Coming Up Magazine

“Feeding You Lies” incorporates influences from metal, alternative rock, and an untamed electronic spark." ”

Dusty Organ, Blog

The Quarantined’s “Feeding You Lies” echoes early Rage with almost as much bite -- Hear Hear!Music.com”

Hear Hear! Music.com

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